BOOTY 101 (Workouts Only)
BOOTY 101 (Workouts Only)

BOOTY 101 (Workouts Only)

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DISCLAIMER: As mentioned in the title, this is the WORKOUTS ONLY package, meaning this program excludes any nutrition related material. A great option for anyone who already owns my Weight Gain & Lean Bulk nutrition guides. 

This program is ALLLL about the GLUTES! Specifically designed to isolate and target them! If you struggle to grow your glutes, look no further. It’s dump-truck season and this guide is all you need! Not only are you getting TWO workout programs with this purchase (a home based program and a gym-based program), but both programs are full-body guides. Meaning they come with upper-body + core training in addition to your lower body workouts.

This program comes in the form of 3 ebooks! For your convenience, they have been pre-organized into folders that you will have unlimited access to.

Now let’s get into what the purchase of this program includes in detail (by category):


♡ 3 different workout splits for your convenience

♡ Workout video demos with form cues and detailed descriptions

♡ Muscle group visuals listed next to every exercise so you know what a specific exercise targets

♡ Post-workout lower body stretch routine

♡ Post-workout upper body stretch routine

♡ Lower body warmup routine

♡ Upper body warmup routine

♡ 3 lower-body days (two quad/glute days, one glute/hamstring focused day)

♡ Core workout

♡ HIIT Cardio routine for body recomp

♡ Exercise substitution list

♡ Transition week for beginners or those returning to training from a break (a week of slowly easing into your training and learning form)

BOOTY BLUEPRINT: A bonus ebook that goes into extreme detail  on maximizing your progress

♡ Top keys & secrets for maximizing your progress

♡ Scientific breakdown for building muscle and progressive overload 

♡ Maintain a flat stomach / Stay lean 

♡ All about body recomp 

♡ Gym-Based anxiety tips + solutions 

♡ How to stay motivated & consistent 
♡ Not seeing results? Top killers for muscle growth 

♡ Detailed FAQ: Answering frequently asked questions in detail

♡ Prevent and cope with soreness 

(ALL 6 guides will be neatly organized into easily accessible folders. You’re definitely getting the bang for your buck with this program.


Your programs are delivered via email a couple minutes after purchase! You should receive an email containing a download link where you can access all of your folders. 

If you run into any issues, contact us via email . Email is the best form of contact for BBT 

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