SHRED Nutrition Guide Package

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The BEST nutrition guide for shredding fat while keeping your curves and toning up overall.

*Not necessary if you purchased the All-In-One package for my Shred & Sculpt program or if you’ve previously purchased my Fat Loss nutrition guide*

SHRED is broken up into two ebooks that include the following:

♡ How to lose fat while keeping/enhancing your curves (from a nutritional aspect)

♡ Detailed Q&A Section

♡ How to properly calculate & track your calories/macros for fat loss

♡ A sustainable and non-strict method of eating to shred fat easily

♡ Learn about your body type

♡ Intermittent Fasting breakdown

♡ How to effectively cope with cravings

♡ Fat loss tips & hacks

♡ Debunking fat loss myths

♡ The importance of a high protein intake - easily meeting your protein goals 

♡ Body Recomp 101

♡ How to eat to maintain your results

♡ “Where to start?” Step-By-Step guide

♡ Food/Grocery List

♡ 100 Healthy Meal Ideas with visual images

♡ 50 Healthy Snack Ideas with visual images

♡ Meat + Dairy Eater, Pescatarian, Vegetarian, Vegan, Lactose Intolerant, and Nut Allergy friendly sample meal plans

♡ How to create your own meal plan Step-By-Step guide

♡ Best supplements for your goals + recommended brands

♡ Visually Appealing overall 

♡ One Purchase = Lifetime Access

What workout program is this meant to be paired with?

My SHRED & Sculpt (Workouts Only) package. If you plan to purchase both at the same time, I recommend purchasing the All-In-One package instead (you save more $$ getting the All-In-One package)


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