GAINZ (Workouts Only)
GAINZ (Workouts Only)

GAINZ (Workouts Only)

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DISCLAIMER: As mentioned in the title, this is the WORKOUTS ONLY package, meaning this program excludes any nutrition related material. A great option for anyone who already owns my Weight Gain & Lean Bulk nutrition guides. 

This is the guide for the ULTIMATE lower-body transformation. Legs that will break necks and glutes that will need a WARNING label by the time you’re done with this program. Specifically designed for muscle development. Bulking doesn’t get better than this.

Not only are you getting TWO workout programs with this purchase (a home-based program and a gym-based program), but both programs are full-body guides. Meaning they come with upper-body, core, and HIIT in addition to your lower body workouts.

This program comes in the form of 3 ebooks! For your convenience, they have been pre-organized into folders that you will have unlimited access to.

Now let’s get into what the purchase of this program includes in detail (by category):


♡ 3 different workout splits for your convenience

♡ Workout video demos with form cues and detailed descriptions

♡ Muscle group visuals listed next to every exercise so you know what a specific exercise targets

♡ Post-workout lower body stretch routine

♡ Post-workout upper body stretch routine

♡ Lower body warmup routine

♡ Upper body warmup routine

♡ 3 lower-body days (two quad/glute days, one glute/hamstring focused day)

♡ Core workouts

♡ HIIT Cardio routines for body recomp

♡ Exercise substitution list

♡ Transition week for beginners or those returning to training from a break (a week of slowly easing into your training and learning form)

MAXIMIZE YOUR GAINZ EBOOK: A bonus ebook that goes into extreme detail on maximizing your progress


♡ Top keys & secrets for maximizing your progress

♡ Scientific breakdown for building muscle and progressive overload 

♡ Maintain a flat stomach / Stay lean 

♡ All about body recomp 

♡ Gym-Based anxiety tips + solutions 

♡ How to stay motivated & consistent 
♡ Not seeing results? Top killers for muscle growth 

♡ Detailed FAQ: Answering frequently asked questions in detail

♡ Prevent and cope with soreness 

ALL 6 guides will be neatly organized into easily accessible folders. You’re definitely getting the bang for your buck with this program.


Your programs are delivered via email a couple minutes after purchase! You should receive an email containing a download link where you can access all of your folders. 

If you run into any issues, contact us via email . Email is the best form of contact for BBT 

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